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Arch Consumer Insights Star


Strategic Insight-Driven Product Launch

Arch's thorough method of collecting consumer insights (focus groups and a survey) was pivotal in aiding the successful choice of a new product for launch in the competitive cosmetics and skincare industry. This product not only went on to become a bestseller for the brand, but it also received the prestigious Allure Best of Beauty award.

Arch Consumer Insights Star

The Challenge

Navigating Selection in a Competitive Market

A cosmetic/skincare brand was on the verge of launching a new product line and had a big decision to make: choosing the right products to launch from their collection of new concepts. In a crowded market, they needed to understand which of their new products would truly stand out to customers and address their needs. To make this crucial choice, they sought the help of Arch Insights for reliable, data-based insights. 

Arch Consumer Insights Star

The Approach

Dual-Pronged Strategy: Focus Groups & Survey

Arch employed a two-prong approach:

  1. Arch ran focus groups to better understand consumer skincare needs and not only get their reaction to the initial products, but also to deeply understand which features held the greatest appeal (as well as understand which features did not resonate with consumers)

  2. After the brand refined the concepts based on the insights from the focus groups, Arch tested the product concepts on a larger scale through a survey of the general population (N=1000)

Arch Consumer Insights Star

The Results

Identifying the Standout Product

After running the focus groups and the survey, there was one product (“Product X”) that stood out as an innovative product that was solving an acute consumer problem. Survey respondents ranked it as their top choice among the five product concepts tested, and focus group participants were eager to know more about when it would be launched. Furthermore, Product X stood out as the most innovative and distinct from existing market offerings. It also demonstrated a high likelihood of being used multiple times per week, if not more frequently. Equipped with these insights, the brand made the strategic decision to launch Product X.

Arch Consumer Insights Star

The Impact

Launching a bestselling, award-winning product

This insights-led decision produced tangible success as Product X became a “Bestseller” on the company’s website (and received an average of 5 out of 5 stars in the customer reviews). The launch of Product X captured the attention of both consumers and experts in the beauty industry, as it received an Allure Best of Beauty award.

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