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Navigating the Aisles: A Look at Mom's Grocery Shopping Behavior

Mothers play a crucial role in family decision-making, significantly influencing shopping habits, particularly in the realm of grocery shopping. Our survey of 500 mothers across the United States showed that 87% view themselves as the primary grocery shoppers for their families, highlighting their importance to food and beverage brands seeking to understand this key demographic.

Additionally, we delved into the cereal category, a frequent purchase for many households (with 85% of mothers buying cereal for their families at least once a month). We explored what types of messages and factors resonate with them or are deemed essential as they make their purchasing decisions.

Here's what we've learned:

1. The pandemic reshaped the grocery landscape, driving a surge in online and omni-channel shopping.

2. Price is a compelling switching factor - 77% of mothers have indicated that they opted to swap out their “usual” brand for a cheaper alternative, like store brands. For more information on which categories they are most likely to switch to a cheaper alternative in, check out the full report.

3. When conceptualizing their dream cereal, taste/flavor, low price, and heart-healthy options topped the list for moms.

Unlock the full report in our latest whitepaper, "Navigating the Aisles: A Look at Mom's Grocery Shopping Behavior," which delves into the shopping habits and preferences of these key decision-makers, offering actionable insights for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and food/beverage brands looking to thrive in the competitive market. In an environment where consumer priorities constantly evolve, staying ahead of what’s in trend is imperative for sustained success. The data derived from our survey not only sheds light on current consumer behaviors but also offers a roadmap for future product development, marketing initiatives, and sales strategies. 

If you enjoyed this quick article, make sure to download the full report on our website for insights to refine your sales strategies, ensuring that your products are not only on the radar of moms but are also positioned to meet their unique needs.

Ready to dive deeper? Reach out to for more information and to schedule time for a demo!


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