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A frozen food brand, recognizing the need for a refresh in its branding to stay relevant and appealing in the market, partnered with Arch Insights on their rebranding and package design initiative. Aware of the high costs and risks involved in rebranding, it was essential to make the right decision. Arch Insights employed a detailed, multi-step approach, including focus groups and surveys. This strategy ultimately led to the brand's new packaging winning the Nosh Best Packaging of the Year award.

Arch Market Research Star


Revitalizing a Classic: How Arch Insights Guided Consumer Feedback to Shape a Frozen Food Brand's Award-Winning Rebrand

Arch Market Research Star

The Challenge

Striking the Perfect Balance for Long-Term Success

Rebranding represents a significant undertaking for any brand, as it requires striking a delicate balance between resonating with existing customers and attracting new ones. It's a substantial decision, not to be made frequently, emphasizing the importance of getting it right the first time.

Arch Market Research Star

The Approach

Arch's Strategic Approach to Packaging Testing

Arch took an multi-step approach to support this redesign:

  1. Arch ran focus groups with current customers and “look-alike” potential customers to gather feedback on multiple design territories.

  2. Post-focus groups, the brand adapted the logos based on the feedback, and Arch conducted a large-scale survey to quickly test the packaging direction with a larger sample size.

  3. The brand developed prototype packaging designs integrating the favored logo. After aligning on logo design, the client asked Arch to run a second survey to determine the most attractive messaging hierarchy on front-of-pack.

Arch Market Research Star

The Results

Crafting a Winning Packaging Design through Consumer Feedback

Coming out of the focus groups, the brand had clear direction from consumers on which logo was resonating the most with current and potential customers. The survey helped to confirm that this logo had mass appeal. The second survey helped to give the brand confidence in what messaging should be most prominent on packaging. With that, they went to production and refreshed the brand image, launching the new packaging in major retailers such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Jewel Osco, and more!

Arch Market Research Star

The Impact

A Refreshed Image & a NOSH Award

The insights gained from consumer feedback at each stage allowed the brand to make informed decisions, resulting in a refreshed brand image that they felt confident would resonate with their existing customer base and attract new consumers in a competitive market. They also went on to win a NOSH Best Packaging award.

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