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Arch Consumer Insights Star


Strategic Insight-Driven Retail Launch

This case study highlights the journey of a new entrant in the competitive consumer products market to a successful launch in Target, marked by strategic consumer insights and innovative marketing.


Key achievements include:

  • Boost in Paid Ad Performance: Tailored messaging, based on deep consumer insights, significantly improved the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns. 

  • Target Launch with Prime Endcap Position: The compelling presentation of consumer interest and product uniqueness secured a launch in Target, featuring a prominent endcap display.

  • Redesigned Packaging for Launch: Insights from consumer research informed a strategic redesign of the product packaging and end cap, enhancing visibility and appeal in a crowded retail space.

These milestones underscore the power of consumer-centric marketing and agile adaptation in achieving retail success.

Arch Consumer Insights Star

Round 1

Building a Consumer Persona & Messaging Strategy

Our initial phase involved comprehensive quantitative and qualitative consumer research to create a detailed persona for the brand's target market. The insights gained led to refinement in the marketing strategies and messaging. Learnings readout presentation showcased a consumer profiles, highlighting preferences, behaviors, and unmet needs that directly informed the brand's communication approach.

The CEO noted a lift in paid advertising performance following the implementation of the tailored messaging, affirming the value of our consumer-centric approach. This phase laid the groundwork for a nuanced understanding of the brand's audience, which was a key part of their retail pitch.

Arch Consumer Insights Star

Round 2

Gathering Compelling Data for the Pitch Deck

During this stage, our aim was to measure consumer interest in the brand's novel product offering and assess their readiness to adapt their buying habits. The insights gained from the survey were instrumental in shaping a persuasive sales narrative. This narrative highlighted a clear consumer demand for the new product format, a dissatisfaction with current options, and a significant market opportunity for Target to introduce a novel offering. The data did not merely suggest consumer interest; it provided a compelling argument for why the market was ripe for disruption and how the brand's product was poised to meet this emerging need.

The brand's sales team was not only able to get distribution of their brand in the store, but they were able to launch with an endcap to increase brand visibility.

Arch Consumer Insights Star

Round 3

Standing Out on Target Shelves

Our in-store research revealed that the novel product format necessitated clearer consumer guidance, prompting a strategic redesign of the packaging. Insights into consumer navigation and shopping behaviors indicated that the existing packaging would likely underperform in the competitive retail environment. The redesign focused on enhancing visibility, clarity, and appeal, aligning with the ways consumers interacted with the category on shelves. This strategic overhaul was instrumental in making the product not only noticeable but also comprehensible to consumers, facilitating a stronger connection with the target audience and driving engagement.

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